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Hello y'all!

My name is Jack (short for Jackline) and I love making drinks and treats. All of the recipes I whip up are simple and delicious with hella affordable ingredients. I always had a passion for making treats, mixing drinks, and giving my opinion! So, I created this blog to share my ideas and recreations for everyone to enjoy!  

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Sipping With Jack: Watermelon Tequila Slushy

Happy Friday y’all! Since the weather has been so nice I wanted to make a fun summer drink! This Watermelon Tequila Slushy is the perfect drink because it’s fruity, light and yummy!

What you all need:

P.S.: I made watermelon juice ice cubes to avoid a watered down drink. Don’t be afraid to customize this drink and Tell me how you guys like the drink 💁🏾‍♀️


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