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Hello y'all!

My name is Jack (short for Jackline) and I love making drinks and treats. All of the recipes I whip up are simple and delicious with hella affordable ingredients. I always had a passion for making treats, mixing drinks, and giving my opinion! So, I created this blog to share my ideas and recreations for everyone to enjoy!  

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It's a Bloody Good Cocktail.... Blood Orange Cocktail🧡🍊

Happy Saturday y'all! This week I decided to make something a little different! I made a blood orange cocktail-themed cocktail and to be honest, it's a banger. I also had the lovely privilege of collaborating with San Pelledremo (IG @san_pelledreamo) to create a cocktail with a Sanpellegrino beverage. I hope you all enjoy this drink as much as I had creating it!

*Fun Fact: Bloody is a British slang word for very or extremely. So, this cocktail's name is "It's a VERY Good Cocktail"... Don't worry y'all I'm here all week 🤣


  • 1 oz. EFFEN Blood Orange Vodka

  • 1 oz. Whiskey (I used Grain Legacy Whiskey)

  • 6 oz. Sanpellegrino Aranciata Rossa: Blood Orange Flavor

  • Top off with Sprite

  • Splash of Grenadine for taste and color :)


  • Fill a glass with ice

  • Pour 1 oz. of Vodka and 1 oz. of Whiskey in glass

  • Stir liquor together then add 6 oz. San Pellegrino

  • Top off with Sprite (adds some sweetness :)

  • Stir liquids again to make sure all ingredients are blended

  • OPTIONAL: Add a splash of Grenadine. This is just for color and taste you can skip this step.

  • Enjoy!

* Warning this drink is strong so please proceed with caution.

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