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Hello y'all!

My name is Jack (short for Jackline) and I love making drinks and treats. All of the recipes I whip up are simple and delicious with hella affordable ingredients. I always had a passion for making treats, mixing drinks, and giving my opinion! So, I created this blog to share my ideas and recreations for everyone to enjoy!  

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Summer Treat Edition: Margarita & Smirnoff Berry Lemon Popsicles!

Hello yall! I know it's been a minute since I've written on my blog. I truly apologize for the lack of consistency but all I can say now is that I'm back and get ready to start sipping! If you follow my Instagram (@sippingwithjack) or my snapchat (@jacklinew) you probably know that my drinking adventures haven't stopped. That's why I want to come back and make a cool and refreshing treat to kick off the summer right! This week I decided to make Popsicles with a twist! I made a margarita popsicle and a Smirnoff berry lemon popsicle. You can definitely make different versions of these popsicles at home. Simply choose your favorite drink mix it up and fill them up in your popsicle molds! These popsicles were very easy to make and perfect for the summer time. Enjoy and don't forget to keep sipping.

Margarita Popsicle: 1 oz. tequila 4 oz. Margaritaville Lime Mix

Smirnoff Berry Lemon Popsicle: 1 oz. Smirnoff Berry Lemon 4 oz. Guava Mango Juice (I got made from Aldi)

(I had some leftover tequila so I put that into this mix. It wasn't more than two tablespoons.)

Once you have both mixes made start pouring them into the popsicle molds. The Smirnoff should make about three popsicles and the Margarita mix should also make three popsicles (I only had one tray with six popsicle molds). Then make sure that popsicle lids or sticks are secure in pop them in the oven and fuggedaboutit! Just kidding but make sure you leave them in for awhile since alcohol takes time to freeze. So I would suggest leaving them in overnight.

P.S: I did try to take them out around four hours but only two out of the six molds were completely frozen. So just be patient. The wait is definitely worth it!

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